Why Naomi

"We train and post professional housekeepers with Godly values."

We like to say that we have no competitors because of the spiritual angle that we take to our training.Naomi's Fountain is not a good idea, it is a GOD idea. In the wake of changing morals and values, on our knees God led us to set up Naomi's Fountain Nannies & Housekeepers Academy.


Our approach is not as a business but as a ministry to the housekeepers and nannies in our academy as well as to homes.

While many of our trainees did not choose to become a housekeeper or nanny, Naomi's Fountain is focused on making this a professional field and helping them see what a privilege it is to make a difference in the home of another person and especially to raise up Godly children and look back knowing you were an integral part of who they have become.The rewards to our nannies are not monetary for noone can pay you the worth of such a task, the rewards are eternal.


We believe that without nannies/housekeepers many top women in society would not have been able to achieve their dreams. We look for like minded employers and together, we are transforming generations through this unique Church-based program. Please visit our Facebook page for reviews by clients who are happy with our services. Join the many homes that are being impacted through this Christian Academy. We serve all regardless of their faith and honour each household's values.


Unlike many placement centres whose focus is simply posting, Naomi's Fountain interviews are handled in a professional human resource fundamentals approach. We believe there is a suitable match for each home. We present the candidates from the strongest match to the weakest match and without telling the client we have found that the person we felt was best fitted for the home gets and keeps the job. We also continue to coach our clients and give them feedback on how to get the best out of the incumbent. Where there is need for refresher classes we provide on-the-job coaching to the girls. In some cases where invited we send a trainer into the home to help the nanny settle. This especially happens in the case where she is unable to handle toddlers going through terrible 2's. The results are astounding and have caused us to believe that with a little help, coaching and loving encouragement, you can make a Super nanny!