What We Do

"We train and post professional housekeepers with Godly values."

We source for good housekeepers/nannies, interview them, do thorough reference checks on them before placing them into our Academy.


At the Academy they are trained on general cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, etiquette (manners), personal grooming, childcare and first aid in the home.We begin our day with God, through prayer and Bible study and end our day in thanksgiving for a successful day and sharing in messages of encouragement.


We also expose them to use of modern home appliances and teach them how to behave in your home, communication skills and giving feedback as well as seeking timely intervention wherever an issue is likely to crop up or does crop up, security of the home and how to grow as a person.


While we focus on engraining key skills needed to make a good nanny and housekeeper, spiritual nourishment and counselling are continuously ongoing with each nanny/housekeeper being taken at their pace. We try to break the traditional habit of gossiping about employers and home and replace this with teaching them how to pray for homes and see how their presence in the home can be a divine connection.


The progress of each one is noted daily including character attributes and possible matching to homes begins. This information is critical during the interview process. When we brief our clients any areas of one's personal walk that are pending are communicated with the employer as we believe that when a nanny/housekeeper comes into each home the program that began with us continues. This is especially so for nannies/housekeepers who have painful backgrounds. While we may not divulge the issues due to confidentiality matters we advise our clients on how to handle the nanny/housekeeper. We are also careful about placement to avoid losing gained effort. We work with clients and coach them on how to get the best out of the nanny and we must say that we are amazed at the results.