About Us

"We train and post professional housekeepers with Godly values."

Naomi's Fountain Housekeepers/Nanny Academy was started by a woman who had struggled to rise up to the top of her career ladder while raising 4 children. The hassle of finding a good helper and watching how much influence nannies have on her children sprouted into this dream to help other women.  


Many women struggle with a contant juggle between their responsibility in their home and going up the career ladder or running a successful business or other venture. When children are involved especially, it constantly feels like one has to make a choice between the children and the mother's dreams.  


This gets worse if you do not have a good support system and often the woman will be required to take time off work to attend to an emergency. In January each year this struggle becomes clear when many nannies/housekeepers fail to return from Christmas break. Naomi's Fountain Housekeepers Academy was set up to free women to pursue their dreams without any sense of guilt. We train and post professional housekeepers with Godly values to spare busy women the hassle of missing work to train a green girl.  


We also emphasize Godly values so as to ensure that the values of the home are upheld. At the same time, we aim to ensure that the degeneration of marriages which often comes through an immoral housekeeper is nipped in the bud.


Our entire focus is to give you a professional house keeper and/or nanny who can run a home like clock work, give priority to your children and even help with their mental, social, emotional, psychomotor and spiritual development, make your best dishes and healthy snacks and where possible also act as a driver.  


We seek to raise a housekeeper/nanny who will be a strong pillar in your home, one who will partner with you to ensure that your home front is well taken care of whether you are present or not.